Past Projects

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Past Projects

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Dictonary Project

mrbrownThe club began investigating this project in March of 2013. In August of 2013, Joyce Zwick, from the Pincher Creek Club made a presentation to our Club regarding this project. We contacted the local school board and the private schools in September of 2013 to determine the numbers of grade 3 students presently enrolled in the 2013 classes.

Then drafted a 3 year proposal, as recommended by Joyce, and presented this to the Club. In late September $3,500.00 was approved. We then contacted The Dictionary Project in Charleston S.C. and placed an order for a 3 year supply of English and French/English dictionaries.

In the spring of 2014 our club distributed approximately 270 dictionaries. In the fall of 2014 we distibuted 280 dictionaries. In looking at the past 2 years of numbers it appears that the number of grade 3 students has increased. We will be distibuting again in the Fall of 2015 and hopefully many years to come.

J. Fred Scott Rotary Villa

villaRotary year 1963-64, “J. Fred Scott Rotary Villa” was named for our senior citizens housing project in honor of our remaining charter member, J. Fred Scott who was a druggist.  The estimated cost for the building was $107,000, and the project was handled by the newly formed “The Cranbrook Rotary Project Society”

May 21, 1967, the 12-unit J. Fred Scott Rotary Villa was officially opened with the presence of J. Fred Scott and club president Mike Harris, who is currently our honorary member.This project is still managed by the Rotary Club of Cranbrook, on behalf of the Cranbrook Rotary Project Society. With one more year on the 40 year mortigage, this truly is a legacy of the Rotary Club of Cranbrook. Helping to support seniors in need of a roof over their head.

Youth Exchange

Welcome to Canada and Cranbrook Artemis, and welcome back from Brazil Ashlie
Welcome to Canada and Cranbrook Artemis, and welcome back from Brazil Ashlie

As an international service club, each year, Rotary helps several thousand students world wide to experience another culture through youth exchange.Every year, in early October, the local Youth Exchange committees host an information night for interested students.

The long term exchange runs for an academic year 10 – 12 months and the students that apply, and are accepted in the fall, would go out on exchange the following summer for their next school year. Students must be between 15-18.5 years of age as of August 1st of their exchange year.

The program aims to promote peace and inter-country understanding, while providing a challenging and enriching experience for selected student participants.

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Rotary way clean up 10/21/2014

cleanupFirst of all Rotary Way will be linked to North Star Rails to Trails (previously known as the Rails to Trails project) which runs to along the old CPR rail bed to Kimberley. The route for the “Link” runs along McPhee road from the old CPR rail bed near Theater Road, along McPhee Road, past the Home Depot, past the Transfer station to the Chamber of Commerce on Cranbrook Street. The rest of the Link on the east side of Cranbrook St. was constructed by the City of Cranbrook last year. BA Black Top is working on this part of the trail. Paving will be proceeding soon. A good deal of time and effort was taken in consideration of various alternative routes for the Link. Safety and ease of use were primary concern in selecting the route. A word of appreciation is extended to the Regional District of East Kootenay for their co-operation, with respect to the trail in front of the Transfer Station. Similarly thanks the Chamber of Commerce for their assistance in providing for the trail in front of the Chamber building. The Chamber office will be a great spot for visitors and residents to pick up trail information, park, and head out into the City via foot or bicycle. A large gravel surface parking lot has been constructed by the City on the south side of McPhee road near the Chamber. This parking lot will provide spots for large trailers and motorhomes as well as trail users. Walkers and cyclists can head out the south to the North Star Trail towards Kimberley from this point as well. Funding on this part of the project was provided by the City of Cranbrook, Rotary Club, Columbia Basin Trust and the Province of BC.

Rotary Way Maintenance: Maintenance has been proceeding on the existing Rotary Way. Rotary way was constructed in several stages over the past 15 years and several items required upgrade. 2 Bridges were replaced last year in the St Mary’s school area.

This summer line painting (and Stop Bars) and retaining wall repair was carried out by the City of Cranbrook. Right now pavement repairs are underway at various locations with BA Blacktop doing that work for the Rotary Club of Cranbrook. There are a few areas where the pavement had deteriorated. Signs along the trail will be upgraded and replaced where necessary. Funding assistance was provided for this work by Columbia Basin Trust in cooperation with the City of Cranbrook. BA Blacktop has also donated a portion of their work to this project.

Rotary Way Clean Up: Rotary members are active cleaning gravel and other debris from the trail. In some areas weeds and grasses are encroaching on to the trail. These are being trimmed back to widen the trail and reduce prevent damage. Sandor Rentals has donated some equipment for this work.We look forward to further expansion of the trail in the future.